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About Classic Boats

Boatshed Classic is a specialist arm of the Boatshed International Yacht Brokerage Group and exists specifically to cater for classic boats. So, what do we at Boatshed consider to be a ‘Classic’?

Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

Dictionary definition of classic:

And when we apply this definition to a classic yacht we can suggest the criteria of age, build method, build materials and enduring, alluring design.

No one argues that the J-Class Valsheda is not a classic yacht. Built of steel in 1933, a timeless, beautiful and proven design, yet she competes in class at classic regattas alongside the J-Class Lionheart, built in 2010 of aluminium.

There is no doubt that the Pilot Cutter Jolie Brise built of oak planking on oak frames more than 100 years ago is a true classic. Polly Agatha a replica Pilot Cutter was built traditionally in larch on oak with an epoxy sheathed plywood deck. Polly Agatha was built in 2007, classic materials, traditional build method, classic design, latest technology, surely a classic?

GRP yachts like the S&S, Swan 36, Contessa 32 and Rival 34 also meet important classic criteria, the build quality is very high and they have endured long enough and sailed far enough to be considered to be proven designs.

So, at Boatshed Classic we think that the definition of a classic boat is subjective, the lines are blurred and the exact criteria will be debated for years to come but we believe that the one thing these boats have in common is their beauty.